In Digital Stores 4 December 2015!!!!!!!!

Release Date: 04/12/2015
Genre: Early Digital/Digital/Dub


Quinto lanzamiento del sello Yakuza Productions Crew, Fhiyahshua & Pot of Gold Soundsystem, con el esperado EP “Use Dem Brain”.  5 canciones y sus respectivas versiones dub.  Líricas conscientes y mucho mensaje, en este EP que combina early digital, digital, digital stepper & dub.


FIfth release of Yakuza Productions Crew label, Fhiyahshua & Pot Of Gold Soundsystem, the expected EP “Use Dem Brain”. 5 songs and their dub versions. Conscious lyrics and pure message, in this EP that combines early digital, digital, digital stepper & dub.


01.Fhiyahshua “Use Dem Brain”
02.Pot Of Gold Soundsystem “Use Dub Brain”
03.Fhiyahshua “Herbs Legalization”
04.Pot Of Gold Soundsystem “Kaneh Bosem I-Ditation”
05.Fhiyahshua “Love Is The Order”
06.Pot Of Gold Soundsystem “Dub Is The Order”
07.Fhiyahshua “Dancehall Revival”
08.Pot Of Gold Soundsystem “Dub Revival”
09.Fhiyahshua “Psalm 49 Verse 1″
10.Pot Of Gold Soundsystem “Psalm 49 Verse 2″



Voice an Lyrics: Fhiyahshua
All music written by Pot Of Gold Soundsystem except 03 & 04 written by John Holt and 07 & 08 written by Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd
All music played by Pot Of Gold Soundsystem (except guitar in 03 and 04 by Ricardo Ávila)
Mix and Master by: IgoOana Man a.k.a. Pothead
Produced by: IgoOana Man a.k.a. Pothead for Yakuza Productions Crew
Executive Producer: Alejandro Tesouro
Artwork: Sr.Val

@ 2015 Yakuza Productions Crew

4 December 2015 Available on: Itunes, Amazon, Juno, Spotify, Deezer