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JMP Records#005

In Vinyl & Digital Stores 17 March 2017!!!!!!!!

Release Date: 17/03/2017
Genre: Reggae / Dub/ R&B

1200x630bbNueva referencia del sello JMP Records, el album “Krazie Endless Lov” de Fhiyahshua, que interpreta su canción “Krazie Lov” en diferentes versiones y estilos. Está es además la primera referencia del sello JMP Records lanzada en vinilo.

Mezclado y masterizado por Pot Of Gold Soundsystem.


New release of JMP Records, ”Krazy Endless Lov” album, from Fhiyahshua, who sing him song “Krazy Lov” in different styles and versions. This is the first JMP Records released in vinyl.  Mixed and Master by Pot Of Gold Soundsystem.

01.Fhiyahshua “Krazie Lov (Poem)”
02.Fhiyahshua ”Krazie Lov (Acoustic)”
03.Fhiyahshua ”Krazie Lov (Acoustic) [Acapella]”
04.Fhiyahshua “Krazie Lov (Remix)”
05.Fhiyahshua ”Krazie Lov (Remix) [Acapella]”
06.Fhiyahshua ”Krazie Lov”
07.Fhiyahshua ”Krazie Lov (Acapella)”
08.Fhiyahshua “Krazie Lov (Dub)”
09.Fhiyahshua “Krazie Lov (Dance)”
10.Fhiyahshua “Krazie Lov (Dance) [Acapella]


Voice: Fhiyahshua
Lyrics: Andy Jackson
Music written and played by: Mikeal FlodStorm (6) and (8), Damion Robinson (4) & Winston Gray (2)
Mix by: Pot Of Gold Soundsystem
Produced by: JMP Records
Executive Producer: JMP Records
Master by: Pot Of Gold Soundsystem

@ 2017 JMP Records

17 March 2017 Available on: Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer…